Kids and Chiropractic Care


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Kids & Chiropractic

We love caring for kids!  Kids have nervous systems just like adults, it’s just that theirs are still in the growth and development stages. In order for them to express their optimal abilities to function, their spine must be free of misalignments.  Think about how many times a child falls down while learning to walk, or the extended amount of time they spend in car seats, or sports related injuries they sustain learning to play various sports, or even when a newborn goes through the delivery and birth process itself.  All of these can affect the alignment of a child’s spine.  And although symptoms like pain and dysfunction may not show up for years, the effects of impaired nervous system function may have a lifetime of damaging effects.

Routine checks by a Doctor of Chiropractic can determine if a child’s spine needs care. Symptoms such colic, ear infections, asthma, bedwetting, digestive disorders etc, indicate there may be spinal subluxation present, and therefore impairing full nervous system function.

Often when we check kid’s spines, we find familial postural patterns.  By introducing your child to chiropractic, you are helping to offset and correct genetic postural misalignments before they occur.   Subluxations can occur in kids too, either through genetics or as a result of normal daily activities that kids are known to do.

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