Weight Loss Management


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Are you tired of dieting to lose weight?

We have a weight loss program that works!

If you’ve tried every fad diet in the past to lose weight, and haven’t succeeded, this program is for you. It’s easy to follow, it’s cost effective and most importantly…it works!

Dr. Keri will assess your general health and help you to determine which purification program is right for you. We use a whole food supplement program by Standard Process, to help you achieve your weight loss goals and maximize your health potential.

We understand there are many different lifestyles nowadays.  So, we also take your lifestyle into account and tailor your program to meet those unique lifestyle needs.

Understanding why we gain weight:

These programs are designed to help your body detoxify naturally, and eliminate toxins that build up over time in your body.  When we ingest pesticides and chemical from processed foods, use various beauty products on our skin and hair, are exposed to breathing cleaning products or environmental smells that surround our everyday life, our body gets overwhelmed if it can’t filter them or what we call “TOXIC”.  When this happens, our kidneys and liver can no longer filter these toxins and we start to experience issues with digestion, experience allergies and sinus related problems, suffer from skin rashes or breakouts and ultimately this can lead to weight gain.

Dr. Keri will help evaluate which purification program is right for you. She will assist you in learning about what foods are best for your body, and more importantly, educate you on how to keep the weight off afterwards!

  • Do you want to lose weight fast?
  • Do you want to experience more energy?
  • Do you want to cleanse & detoxify your body so it works more efficiently?
  • Are you ready to change your habits to sustain those results for as long as YOU decide?

Got questions? Dr. Keri's got answers!

Even if you're unsure if our services can help, Dr. Keri will discuss if Chiropractic might be the right choice for you.

Give Chiropractic a try…what do you have to lose???  We care and we CAN help!