Lynn C.

Dr. Keri is a wonderful chiropractor. The practice is friendly, clean, and the financial obligation/insurance is clearly explained. I have struggled with allergies and sinus conditions for several years, and I am finding great relief through chiropractic care with Dr. Keri. Ear pressure has been a nuisance, and she has given me relief! I also have long term, low grade sciatica, and regular care has been extremely helpful. I highly recommend this practice, and Dr. Keri.

Rhonda C.

I wish everyone could have a chiropractor, especially one as wonderful as Dr. Keri. She gives 100% personalized attention to every patient. Makes ongoing assessment of your issues and addresses them. Dr. Keri makes me feel like I am important and I know she truly cares for me and my well being. I have had some issues that only she has been able to correct and keep corrected…and thank goodness she has or I would not be able to maintain working in my profession. Worst of my issues is long time vertigo. Adjustments keep my vertigo in check so that I can function, nothing else has ever worked. I highly recommend Freshour Chiropractic!

Jeffrey C.

Dr. Keri is amazing. she has been keeping this beat up spine of mine feeling young. I get adjusted once a week and don’t know how bad my body could be if it wasn’t for Dr. Keri.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you:)

Joy J.

Been a patient for many years. Dr. Keri takes time to listen and provides focused, personalized care. I am grateful to be adjusted by her, as it puts me back to where I need to be for stronger daily living. I recently finished (Feb. 2017) doing the Standard Process cleanse and I felt stronger and it helped me have less inflamation and my headaches went away without taking a pill. Thank you for your great service Dr. Keri, and everyone at your office:)

Megan M. B.

I’ve been a patient for 7 years. I became a patient during my second pregnancy. I bring both my kids now too. When we come regularly, the kids get sick less often. Adjustments also helped solve my youngest’s bed wetting issues. Dr. Keri is extremely knowledgeable, a great listener and you definitely feel that she cares about her patients. Highly recommend!

Katie G. F.

I reached out to a friend who recommended Dr. Keri, I’d been feeling “uneven”, had pain in my neck and lower back and wanted an adjustment. After my initial consult, we found several issues causing my discomfort. After only a couple weeks, I already feel so much better! The staff here are friendly and efficient, so happy I found this practice, I highly recommend!!

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